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Random Facts #1

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Fun facts day!

* If you were to wash one load of laundry every day for a whole 52 years, you would clean the same amount as the launderette staff at Disney World wash in ONE single day.

* The first item on the McDonalds menu was a hotdog.

* 1 out of 10 people in Europe are conceived via an Ikea bed.

* The inventor of Vaseline- Robert Chesebrough used to eat a spoonful of the magical stuff every day.

* Jeff Bezos’ (the founder of Amazon) farther was a circus performer.

* It’s not always been smiles and rainbows for global courier FedEx, in the early stages of starting the business the company started to struggle and almost faced bankruptcy. The founder, Frederick Smith, decided to take the remaining $5000 that the business owned to Vegas, after a few games of Blackjack the company had a whopping $32,000 back in their account.

* Domino’s was founded by two brothers- James and Tom Monaghan. After 8 months of pizza selling James decided to trade his half of the business to his brother… In exchange for a used Volkswagen Beetle.

* Until 1996 Marvel owned the rights to the word “Zombie”.

* The average mobile user checks their mobile phone 150 times a day!
The creator and designer of the famous Nike swoosh tick was paid $35.


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