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Goals reached this month!

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While this month lacks towards the end, we can look back at not only a hard period behind us but also a long month that ended up being greater than expected.

With that said, we still have a lot of work ahead of us and we will keep setting new goals and hitting them within the time periods we set forward. Our key to success is to never settle for less than what you can gain if you really push yourself and your idea to the max!

We have kept our goals infront of us and now that we are crossing one after the other off the list we are happy and trying to set ever bigger goals. Since the month is still not over, we are hoping and trying our best to reach a final goal for the month that we have which is 100.000 EUR in revenue month 1 and whether we hit it or not we are satisfied with how the month has panned out.

We wish you a great Monday!




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