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Coinbase opening up

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As many has read over the last weeks, Coinbase is looking into adding 5 new coins to their platform.

Of these coins i myself hold XLM (Stellar) and ADA (Cardona) and i have experienced an explosive growth with Stellar so i can only recommend getting into one of the five coins before they have grown to their current potential: XLM, ADA, 0x, BAT, ZEC is the coins that are being looked at and should expect a rapid growth when they hit Coinbase.

Not saying that they will all be added, but they are looking equally at those five coins to be added, so which ones will be weighed to light and dropped is no ones guess. But at least for now it seems to have a positive effect on the market that Coinbase are looking to add new coins to their site and since Coinbase is a top 10 exchange in the world also allowing you to buy from you credit card that should boost the coins even further.

There has been rumors before about XRP (Ripple) being added and people believing those (Me) were taken by the nose, but XRP itself has more to it than just going on Coinbase so i don’t regret getting into Ripple. But my hope is that we can start seeing steady growth all over the line again, and finally get out the slump that has been 2018.

My advice today is to get into one of the five coins added to Coinbase (XLM and ADA first).


Read about Coinbase’ update here

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