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Investing in Crypto should not be done lightly but can end up earning you 1000x.

Our look on crypto is pretty basic, whether you want to swing trade of HODL. Research > Follow Buzz > Buy!

We Help

Hand picking ICOS

ICO’s can be where you see the most gain but picking the wrong one will also result in losses, so that is why we go all the way with hand picking them.


If your in crypto to gain in the long run, then you need to pick coins who has ability to stay alive for long periods of time and not only that but also the more steady growing ones.

Swing trading

We help you with your portfolio where we will set parameters for you to sell and buy at certain level and make sure you always make profit on it.


If you want to trade from ETH to XRP and further we can help you with the process from a to b.


Trust DERP to deliver consulting and solutions tailored to the business and technology challenges all crypto investors face.

HODL & Investment service

Review the top crypto currency coins and find some interesting new and low valued coins with substans to go to the top of the board.


We will direct you and help you to find some good crypto currencies to invest in and you will do all the day to day work around it.

Our Thinking

Coinbase opening up

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As many has read over the last weeks, Coinbase is looking into adding 5 new coins to their platform....


A massive growth in the portfolio

You should start seeing monthly grow and it should continue for longer periods of time. Crypto currency is tough hit at the moment (August 2018), but when it has hit bottom. It will be going back to showing growth and if your portfolio is correctly put together you will see a massive growth.

We take processes apart, rethink, rebuild, and deliver them back working smarter than ever before.